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Viola Eade is a settler on New World and one of the main characters. Since she is a girl, she has no Noise. She meets Todd Hewitt, and the two fall in love throughout the trilogy. She is part of the Answer.

In the series Edit

She was part of a scouting party sent ahead by a group of new settlers. Viola, thirteen (twelve month calendar), crash-landed on New World with her parents, though they perished in the crash.

She is found by Todd when he senses her silence, as she has no Noise. She is the first female he has seen (excluding the women he saw when he was young, which he can't remember) and doesn't talk to him at first. She shares items from her bag with him to assist and heal them on their journey.


Viola in The Ask and The Answer by chaoswalks

She is shot by Davy Prentiss Jr as they arrive in Haven, at the end of the first book. She is separated from Todd and is taken to a House of Healing, where she is taught how to heal and meets Mistress Coyle. This leads to her joining The Answer. There she meets Lee, who expresses his feelings for her. She tries to contact the approaching ship from the communication tower. Viola eventually finds the communication tower, but it is then blown up. In this book, Viola also voluntarily is branded by a metal band so that she can visit Todd and is tortured by the Mayor.

In the final book, she comes close to death, infected by the virus Mayor Prentiss placed in all the metal bands. She starts the Spackle war for Todd by launching a missile from the scout ship, and realizes that she will kill for Todd, noting that it is a dangerous thing. She and Todd finally kiss towards the end of the novel, but she is left devastated when Todd ‘died’. At the end, she reads Todd’s mother’s journal to him and waits for him to wake up.

Gallery Edit

Since there are no pictures of Viola in the book, many fans have come up with pictures of what she might look like:

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