The Great New Haven Bake Off

Basically the great british bake off but better.

Original Panel of judges

  • Wilf 
  • Ben 
  • 1017

Original Contestants

  • Todd
  • Viola
  • Lee
  • Mistress Lawson
  • Bradley

(Info on contestants in order of elimination)


Horrible Cooking
Low-Key poisons judges
Cant read recipie 
Throws tantrum and is let on panel

Mistress Lawson

Gets competitive 
Starts yelling at Bradley
Makes Bradley cry
Smacks Bradley's food from his hands


Lights something on fire 
Cries a lot 
Pushes Mistress Lawson
Pretends to know how to cook
"Jokes on you i dont even know how to cook suckerssss"


Makes a big show of smelling the food
Prude about new recipies
Sore loser
Refuses normal measurements 
One of the only two who can actually cook


Show off
Cooks something gourment 
Bad winner
Uses weird ingredients



Profound statements about food
Actually knows what he's doing
Has to tell Jane to stop heckling him 
Reveals past employment as a professional chef


Bias about Todd
Fakes liking the food


Doesn't understand 
Facinated by sauce
Pours drink on food and shows "sause"
Doesn't understand numbers
Tries to put straw in solid food
Hates all the food


Bias for Viola 
Is called out for it
Votes for Lee to prove he's not bias 
Viola gets mad

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