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The protagonist of the series.

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Todd Hewitt is one month shy of turning thirteen when the trilogy begins. (Note that New World follows a thirteen month calendar.) Brought up by guardians Ben and Cillian, Todd was kept unaware of Prentisstown’s history until the late into first book.

In the series Edit

The Knife of Never Letting Go: Edit

In the first book, Mayor Prentiss -who is the Mayor of Prentisstown , the town in which Todd currently lives, prevents Todd from gaining an education, and consequently, Todd’s narrative is illiterate and unrestricted. He cannot read or write, a problem that has prevented him from reading his mother’s diary and communicating with Viola from the scout ship in book three (Monsters of Men). Todd Hewitt has a dog called Manchee, who unfortunately is murdered by Aaron later on in the first book. After the death of Manchee, Todd starts to realize how much Manchee meant to him and appreciates Manchee's help to him more.  

The Ask and the Answer: Edit

In The Ask and the Answer, Todd commits horrible acts of cruelty against Spackle, women, and becomes colder without Viola to help. He is at first forced to do so because Viola is under the Mayor’s control, but as the novel progresses, Todd starts to lose who he really is. It is only until Mayor Prentiss reveals his plans that Todd sees he must fight him to save Viola, and New Prentisstown.

Throughout the novels, Todd is repeatedly pressured to murder another human being in order to fulfil Mayor Prentiss’ plans. However, his character is labelled unable to kill, until the end of The Ask and the Answer, where his noise reveals that he would kill for Viola. This then leads him to participate in war, and he has since killed many Spackle in self defence, though has not killed any men.


Monsters of Men: Edit

In Monsters of Men, Todd’s character is further challenged. When spending time with the Mayor, the two develop a link (denoted by a small humming in their Noise), and begins to both influence and be influenced by him. Todd also learns to refine his ability to control his Noise, thus allowing him to silence it, use it as a weapon, learn with it, and use it to control other people, despite not wanting to. However, in the end it is revealed that by silencing one’s Noise, the attack power of the Noise is decreased. Todd does, however, inevitably end up trusting the Mayor again, and saves him unconsciously from death several times. However, when Ben shows up, this filial bond breaks. The skills taught to him ultimately allow Todd to defeat the Mayor in a battle using only his Noise.

Todd hewitt

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The Return, 1017, mortally wounds Todd near the end of Monsters of Men, mistaking Todd for the Mayor, though he admits that he wasn’t sure and didn't care when he fired his weapon. Todd’s Noise leaves, returning in small bursts, and he remains in a coma-like state of death at the end of book three. However, the final chapter hints that he will wake so long as Viola keeps ‘calling’ him. At the end of the Snowscape short-story, which takes place after Monsters of Men, it is revealed by Viola that Todd has awoken.

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