The Sky is the leader of the Land, the race known to humans as the Spackle.

The current Sky is the Spackle formerly known as the Return, also known as 1017.

The former Sky lead the Land into war with the humans after a brach of their people, known as the Burden, were enslaved and slaughtered, leaving only one survivor. The Sky was peaceful and a wise leader. He mentored the Return (1017) when he came back to the land, helping him to understand that his bloodlust would only lead to more suffering.

The former Sky was killed by Mayor David Prentiss during peaceful negotiations with the humans he left his body, his voice could be heard calling out to the land, telling them that their new sky was to be the Return, 1017.

1017 immediatley became the new Sky, and lead the final Spackle charge against the Mayor. At the ocean, the new Sky charged towards Todd Hewitt, mistaking him for Mayor Prentiss as the two were wearing a similar uniform, not knowing that his true enemy was already dead. He shot Todd with an acid rifle, killing him almost instantly. He admitted to Viola Eade that he was unsure wether it was really the Mayor or not, and offered his life to her, which she refused to take, as well as denying him forgiveness, so that he would regret his mistake for the rest of his life.

The new Sky tried to rectify his mistakes, overseing that Todd was brought into the Spackle camp and watched over the way that Ben was when he fell into the arms of death. He sheltered Todd and his companions, hoping for a day when the Knife would awaken and he could finally recieve the forgiveness he craved.