New World is the planet that the Chaos Walking Trilogy takes place on. It was settled by Christian humans twenty-three years before the start of The Knife of Never Letting Go. At the end of Monsters of Men, a second ship arrives to settle on New World, because the first ship did not make it.

Major Places/Features Edit

  • Prentisstown- a city, founded by Mayor Prentiss
  • Haven/New Prentisstown- the biggest city and presumably the capital of New World
  • Farbranch- a small farming town in a valley
  • Carbonel Downs- a town, has some doctors, located by a river
  • Swamp- New World has an enormous swamp, filled with crocodiles, trees, and mud

Creatures Edit

  • Dogs -most likely brought to New World by settlers, can communicate by Noise with people
  • Crocodiles- live in the swamp, can think basic Noise phrases, attack people
  • Horses- brought to New World by settlers, used as mode of transportation, can be taught more complex Noise phrases, hard to raise on New World
  • "Sea Creechers" - some kinds of sea creatures living in the oceans of New World, very deadly
  • Birds- native to the planet, often say 'whirler boy' or other basic Noise phrases
  • Squirrels- native to the planet, can say 'whirler boy' or other basic Noise phrases
  • Things- some kind of herd creatures native to New World, sing the song of "Here"

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