Mistress Nicola Coyle is a healer who treats Viola when she is shot by Davy Prentiss Jr. She is introduced at the beginning of The Ask and The Answer. She is the leader of The Answer. With the goal of removing Mayor Prentiss from power, she sets up a camp away from Haven.

She teaches Viola how to set off bombs, and winds up trying to kill the mayor with a bomb. She ends up killing herself with one of her own bombs while on stage to make a "goodbye" speech, making way for Viola to be a leader, In the blast she kills Simone while she rushed to stop her from detonating the bomb.

"She's DA BOMB" - One of the mistresses

"Mistress Coyle? Yeah she can be a little hot-headed sometimes." - Corinne

"I would say I hope she burns in hell, but I don't want to be stuck down there with her." - Mayor Prentiss

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