Mayor Prentiss is the main antagonist of the Chaos Walking Series. He is the Mayor of Prentisstown, who led the settlers against the Spackle. His main goal is to take over New World. Later on he becomes President of New World and the ruler of New Prentisstown. He wants Todd to work with him to achieve his goals. He created the Ask to destroy the Answer. He has a son, Davy Prentiss Jr, although he doesn't harbour any fatherly feelings for him, and often views him as a 'disappointment'.

Before The Series Edit

Mayor Prentiss (born David Prentiss) was on the first settler ship to land on New World. He, along with Jessica Elizabeth and a group of settlers founded New Elizabeth, men and woman alike.  After the Spackle War Mayor Prentiss began trying to separate men from women. Most of the settlers were driven mad by the virus Noise, something that the women were not susceptible to. Led by Mayor Prentiss, the men of New Elizabeth killed the women, along with Jessica. He then made New Elizabeth into Prentisstown.

It is not clear what happens with Mayor Prentiss for the next 13 years. All that we know is that him and a select group of people (ex. horsemen and deputies) stay inside the town house, learning out to control and strengthen their Noise. The phrase "I AM THE CIRCLE AND THE CIRCLE IS ME" is a saying that is commonly found in Mayor Prentiss' Noise. The Mayor is eventually able to turn his Noise into a weapon of sorts.

In The Series Edit

The Knife of Never Letting Go: Edit

After Todd Hewitt runs away, it is presumed the Mayor and some men from Prentisstown kill Cillian and others that stood against them and head after Todd. The Mayor and some of his men pursue Todd on horseback. His first appearance is at the bridge to Farbranch, where he spots Todd and Viola. Viola is able to burn down the bridge, killing the Mayor's lead horseman and forcing him and his men to retreat. The Mayor later appears leading the army that is attacking Farbranch. However, he does not do anything, he rides his horse and watches the chaos around him, immediately signifying that he is the authorative figure within the army.

Later on in the book, the Mayor sends his son Davy out to find Todd and Viola and bring them to him. The Mayor isn't mentioned again until the final chapter, where it is revealed Haven surrendered to him and his army. Now President Prentiss of New Prentisstown, the Mayor welcomes Todd to the New Prentisstown.

The Ask and the Answer: Edit

In the second book, he creates the Ask, an organization dedicated to opposing the Answer and destroying unrest within the population of Haven. He also captures Todd and forces him to work with him. Though he is the father of Davy Prentiss, Jr., Mayor Prentiss dislikes him, and frequently comments on how Todd would make for a better son. At the end of the second book, he kills his Davy with a gun. It is later revealed that he sent Davy into war with an empty rifle in an attempt to have his son achieve an 'honourable death'.

Monsters of Men: Edit

In the third book, Mayor Prentiss continues to try and recruit Todd, but is instead changed by him. He becomes more moral, but cannot ignore the hollow emptiness he feels towards everything in the world. It is revealed that he had surpassed a point in his knowledge of Noise that has left his completely silence and hateful of others’ Noise. In the end, this drives him mad and he walks into the ocean to be eaten alive by 'sea creechers'.

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