Maddy is the a healer who appears in The Ask and the Answer.

She is one of the apprentices of Mistress Coyle and is described as a happy and caring girl. She agrees to help Viola try to get to the communications tower outside of New Prentisstown, and both sneak out of their House of Healing during the night. However, they are spotted by Mr. Hammar, and while he cannot hurt Viola (under President Prentiss' orders), he casually shoots Maddy, killing her.

The Mistresses and other apprentices blame Viola for Maddy's death (especially Corinne), and alienate her. Mr. Hammar is subsequently arrested to be executed as a sign from President Prentiss to the people of New Prentisstown, but is released when the terrorist bombings of The Answer begin.

Corinne and Maddy by toothiastrid on Tumblr