Farbranch is a small town on New World. Todd and Viola arrive at the town with Hildy as they journey to Haven. It is a small farming town nestled in a valley. Todd is not well recieved. However, being in Farbranch leads to Todd finding out more about Prentisstown's history.

In the series Edit

Todd and Viola head to Farbranch with Hildy, on their way to Haven, during the events of The Knife of Never Letting Go. Todd however experiences some conflict here due to his relationship to Prentisstown. This mostly comes from from Matthew Lyle, who himself had previously escaped Prentisstown. Hildy's sister Francia is the deputy mayor of the town, and although the identity of the Mayor of Farbranch is never given, it is suggested that Hildy may be the mayor. It is however attacked by Mayor Prentiss's army whilst they are following Todd, and is not mentioned again, presumably destroyed.

Todd and Viola learn from their experience in Farbranch that being from Prentisstown is not easily accepted and later on their travels lie and tell people they meet that they are instead from Farbranch.