Corinne Wyatt is a character that exclusively appears in The Ask and the Answer, and interacts with Viola Eade throughout the first half of the novel. Along with Maddy, Corinne seems to be one of the most skilled apprentices in Mistress Coyle's house of healing, and is one of the three apprentices that Viola most interacts with throughout the book, despite Corinne's obvious disdain towards Viola. Although she is often depicted in an antagonistic light due to her "stormy" attitude, she is the only healer who willingly does not leave the house of healing when Mistress Coyle and the other mistresses flee Haven, due to her unflinching devotion to healing others. In their absence, she becomes the mistress of the house. Despite her previous devotion to Mistress Coyle, often criticizes the mistress for her acts of war, stating that healers should never take a life. Corinne later tells Viola that her mother was bit by a poisonous animal while the two were camping in the woods, resulting in her mother's long, painful death. In a way, Corinne seems to blame herself for her mother's death, saying that she could have saved her life had she known the

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Corinne and Maddy by SquiddlePrincess on Deviantart

surrounding plants could have been used to fight the poison. This is the reason why she cares so deeply about the art of healing; because of this, she aids Viola in her escape from Haven, hoping that she would be able to heal the hurt members of the Answer. Corinne's whereabouts are unknown until later in the book after the Answer rescues hundreds of prisoners from Haven. Mistress Coyle personally stayed behind to rescue Corinne, who had been in one of the prisons, and brought her back to the Answer's hideout. Unfortunately, the Answer was unable to heal her, and Corinne died of gangrene in Viola's arms.