Acorn is one of the frequently mentioned horses in both the Ask and the Answer and Monsters of Men. He originally is the horse given to Davy Prentiss, Jr. by Mayor Prentiss in the second book, but after the Davy is shot, he goes on to be Viola Eade's horse in Monsters of Men.

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In the series Edit

The Ask and the Answer: Edit

After the Mayor becomes the president of New Prentisstown and he separates Viola and Todd, he forces Todd to work alongside Davy, and gives them both horses. Todd is given Angharrad, and Davy gets Acorn, although he refuses to call him acorn and only calls Acorn "Deadfall" for much of the second book. After Davy is shot by his own father at the end of the second book, Acorn begins to answer to Viola, calling her "Girl Colt" as they ride away to the scout ship.

Monsters of Men: Edit

In the third instalment of the Chaos Walking trilogy, Acorn helps Viola to travel from the town to the base of the Answer repeatedly, as Viola's infection from the poisoned bands makes it difficult for her walk for too long, and it's much faster. He continues to call Todd and Viola "Boy colt" and "Girl colt" and is sweet and trustworthy throughout the book. As Viola is riding to the seaside town alongside Bradley to save Todd, Acorn dies of exhaustion. Viola holds him as he dies, and he says "Viola" instead of Girl Colt right before he passes away. Acorn was a brave, loyal horse for Viola until the end and deserves lots of love and tribute.